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Individual Accounting and Tax Services


Tax Returns; Annually

When that time rolls around, you need to call on your CPA to not only complete your tax return but to also stand beside you long after it's mailed! Usually, as an individual or married couple, you perceive that this is when an accountant is used, once a year to complete your tax return. The next time you're going to see him/her is the following year, right? Not necessarily….

IRS Tax Notices

You receive an IRS Notice for; Discrepancies on tax return or W2, 1099, or maybe a late notice, or….the feared AUDIT. Wolfe and Fiedler, CPAs stand beside you...literally. You are not alone. Whether it's something from years gone by or current situations that we weren't initially involved with..it's part of the services we offer.

Death in your family

A loss of a family member is hard, emotionally..but it can also be VERY stressful legally and financially. There are a lot of scenarios in this case, some being Estate Taxes, monies left to family members, debt issues, etc. We not only provide advice and assistance in filing all necessary paperwork for the tax situations but will also be sure to assist you the best we can for any ramifications that may be coming your way. We have close alliances with attorneys, as well, to help you on the legal side of things who specialize in these matters.

Change of Job or Substantial Salary Increase OR Retirement!

PREPARE...We are here to not just process your returns but to also advise you on what is coming down the line. So, if one of these things should occur that will affect you at the end of the year we're a phone call away to ask.."What should I do?"

It's always nice to know someone is on your side. Finding the right CPA that will be there for you is sometimes hard to achieve…Start Here!

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